Prebiotics Study in the David Lab

Hello! The David Lab is happy to announce that we are recruiting for a pilot study on prebiotics and the Gut Microbiome! If you are interested in participating or finding out more information, please email a member of our study team at

About the Study

The study is six weeks long, and enrollment starts May 2018. Open enrollment will continue until our participant goal has been met.

This study is designed to examine the shift in gut microbiota and their metabolism after consumption of a dietary supplement (prebiotic) by healthy participants. We will provide participants with a panel of over the counter prebiotics and monitor their gut microbiome response in stool.  All prebiotics will be commercially available, over-the-counter food, food additives, or dietary supplements, without any known market-use adverse effects beyond minimal discomfort.

All participants will receive a comprehensive, interactive report of their data at the end of the study, which will include 16S microbial composition, short chain fatty acid concentrations, urinalysis, and diet/nutrition info. Link to a sample of this report can be viewed here: Sample Participant Report

*We are currently limited to participants who are able to drop samples off at our lab at Duke University.

More Information

Participant requirements

Getting to CIEMAS

What are prebiotics?

What are short-chain fatty acids?