Cognition and Microbiome Study in the David Lab – Complete!

The David Lab is excited to announce that we have finished the in-person portion of our study on how prebiotics affect the microbiome and cognition. If you would like more information, please email our study team at

About the Study

The study is four weeks long (one week pre-study visit, then 3 consecutive study weeks), and enrollment starts June 2019. Open enrollment will continue until our participant goal has been met. A diagram of the study overview can be found at the bottom of this page.

This study is designed to examine how consumption of a dietary supplement (prebiotic) affects the gut microbiome and cognitive ability in healthy participants. We will provide participants with snack bars, which are to be eaten twice a day for five days of the study. Twice a week for all three weeks, participants will come in for an in-person visit in which they will turn in self-collected stool and saliva samples, have blood drawn, and take a 15 minute cognitive test. Additionally, participants will wear a smart watch to monitor sleep duration, heart rate, etc.

This study is compensated. Additionally, all participants that elect to do so will receive a basic report of the gut bacteria that were found in their provided samples and metabolic data collected from stool, blood, and saliva samples. Participants will also receive the results of their cognitive assessments in addition to data from the self-reporting assessments of diet. A sample report can be viewed here: Sample Participant Report

We are currently limited to participants who are able to drop samples off at our lab at Duke University.

More Information

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