Mengyi Dong

Mengyi joined the David Lab as a Post-doc in May 2023. She had a Ph.D. in Food Science and Human Nutrition with a graduate minor in Statistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an M.S. in Nutrition Science from George Mason University. At U of I, her research focus was on technologies innovations, including applying microbiome, bioinformatics tools, and machine learning to enhance microbial food safety of fresh produce production systems. Mengyi also worked closely with the University Extension, farm owners, and local communities to conduct research and provide produce safety workshops. At GMU, Mengyi worked on the dietary acculturation of senior immigrants and developing nutritionally fortified snacks to improve pregnancy outcomes. With her experience and knowledge in food science and nutrition, Mengyi will work on wastewater surveillance for population dietary intake tracking and foodborne illness surveillance.
Outside the lab, Mengyi likes to spend time with her lovely little daughter. They usually cook, bake, make crafts, and ice skate together.