Aspen Reese

I finished my PhD in the University Program in Ecology in May 2017. My dissertation research combined observation and experiments to identify forces structuring microbial communities and how these are similar or different from those at play in systems of macroorganisms. In particular, I used in vitro model community experiments and in vivo mouse experiments to determine the relative importance of host- and microbial- factors for shaping the gut microbiota. I also looked at how soil microbial communities respond to changes in soil and plant community composition, as well as how they deal with urbanization stress. Other projects I have been involved in include exploring how to predict plant responses to herbivory and figuring out what people eat with DNA-metabarcoding.

As of July 2017, I am a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows where I continue to do research into the ecological dynamics of host-microbe interactions and their impact on ecosystem level patterns and processes. For more information visit my website.